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Why the New Star Wars aren’t as good

To whomever say’s that the new Star Wars movies are decent – you’re lying. They’re really bad.

The reason is because people yearn for what the original (both prequel and original sequel) offered. In the new Star Wars the distinction between good and evil is blurred. Both the Imperials and Rebels in the originals were shown as clearly as a good and a bad side. While the First Order and the Resistance are seen as evil vs good (ish).

While there is the balance of the force going on in Star Wars which makes the originals blur the line between good and evil, we see that there is still two different factions which are demarcated as good vs evil. Consider this quote from (((Ayn Rand))) in her book The Romantic Manifesto.

The social status of thrillers reveals the profound gulf splitting today’s culture—the gulf between the people and its alleged intellectual leaders. The people’s need for a ray of Romanticism’s light is enormous and tragically eager.

The original Star Wars prequel gave people a Romantic (in the art sense) beacon. They were able to see the forces of good fight the forces of evil with little to no implication of ‘all humans are equal’. No. Luke Skywalker and others showed people what a hero is. He did the impossible and had a righteous cause. The new Star Wars lacks that. It shows ‘heroes’ failing, and failing with a moral ambiguous cause. There is no romanticism.

The same problem plagues the spin-offs. The new Solo Movie, I thought, reached a decent level of portraying the epicness that is Star Wars. However at the end it ruins all of that. There was no fairy tale ending was with the ending of the original Star Wars. If the Disney and company wants people to be reanimated by Star Wars, they need to follow the formula which made is such a success.

Epicness, larger than life heroes who serve as role models, and a demarcation of good vs evil.


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