Generation Z

There’s this meme going around in the heads of many people that anyone under the age of 35 is part of the same Millennial Generation. That’s not true and it’s important to realize.

Roughly, the Millennial or generation ‘Y’ ends in the early 90’s, and people born after are generation z, or as some acute observers have dubbed it ‘Generation Zyklon’.  Studies do show that there is generational gap between generation Y and Z. Y being much more collaborative, liberal, and willing to go with the system while Z being more independent, conservative and rebellious against traditional institutions.

Much of generation Y was raised by the Baby Boomers, or as I call them ‘Boomers’. These people lived in a time of immense wealth and had their life much easier in many ways than the latter generations. Since Generation Y was raised by the infamous Boomers they share a hope that many of the things that the Boomers did to propel them will be of use to them.

Generation Z on the other hand was raised by the generation between the Boomers and the Millennials. Generation X or ‘X’ers’. These people had to endure a much harder time than did the previous Boomer generation due to the various economic recessions they grew up in. The X’ers therefore are a more rugged generation that is raising a new generation. Therefore many Z’ers(?) are more skeptical of traditional societal institutions.

In addition, Gen Z was bathed in technology since their birth. As soon as they were able to read they had access to high speed internet and grew up using it. They (including me), grew up watching Youtube videos, being able to Google anything and able to access the whole internet. This makes them standout from the Millenials who had access to high speed internet at a much older age.

So, please stop assuming everyone under 35 is part of the same generation. We’re not.


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