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Similarity in Myth

Keeping up with talking about Myths, within myths we can find very similar themes throughout different cultures.

One is that the body is just a vehicle for a greater cause. This is found within Christianity, through the Crucifixion of Jesus. When Jesus is about to die it’s not seen as a bad thing but it was as if it was destined to be and what must be done for a greater good. In Christianity it’s dying for the sins of humans.

Like wise in many cultures to be sacrificed is a great thing. In the old world America there was this basketball type game where the captain of the winning team was sacrificed. Sacrifice and death was seen as a great honor that had to be won.

Another Christian instance is the case of Polycarp who was an early Christian bishop and martyr. The Roman government killed him for refusing to worship the Emperor and his last words are thanking God for a chance to die like Christ.

I bless you Father for judging me worthy of this hour, so that in the company of the martyrs I may share the cup of Christ.

Many other cultures have things similar to the Crucifixion of Jesus as well. In many cultures there are stories of someone dying and from their death coming an essential crop like the Coconut tree in Polynesian culture or Maize in American culture. Is this not the same idea of Jesus dying and from his death something coming from that?

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