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Theocracy’s Mirror of Souls song

One of my favorite songs of all time is a song that clocks in at 22 minutes and 26 seconds. It’s called “Mirror of Souls” on Theocracy’s album Mirror of Souls. It’s an amazing song that incorporates Christian Theology, amazing song writing, and amazing story telling.

The song is a story that follows a three act structure as well as the classic Hero’s Journey.

You can find the entire lyrics here, and the entire song here on Youtube. Theocracy is a Power Metal band, but they have many elements of progressive metal in them too which makes them unique. Hence, there isĀ  less emphasis on intense guitar riffs and more on the lyrics, however that is also part due to the Christian element of the band.

Anyways, why the song is an amazing song.

In the beginning of the song the main character enters into a hall of mirrors where he sees himself in a bunch of variations and it fuels his ego because of the good looks he has. Then he opens the door at the other side of the hall and he enters ” Into the arms of the coldest, blackest night “.

Now act II begins where the main character keeps on walking in the cold, dark and rain without any light or help feeling very alone. He is at a very low point right now. However a light emerges and his hope is restored as he heads towards it only for a giant abyss to appear before him.

Again our hero has lost all hope until a figure who knows him shows him a bridge he built for him and the figure is gone before he can thank him. He presses onto the light that he earlier saw that leads him to a door that says “All who would see reality, enter the Hall of Truth” and he enters it which starts act III.

Inside the door, he sees a huge mirror and his heart ‘sings’ that he wants to know that the truth because he doesn’t know what to believe. A voice screams “Behold thyself” and he falls and when he gets up he looks at the huge mirror and sees a nasty creature and screams and screams that it can’t be himself.

He tries to run thinking that the cold and blackness is better than his current situation only to see his helper from before say

“The light from the mirror you saw from afar
The Mirror of Souls shows all men as they are
You entered the hall and you asked for the truth
The man that you saw in the mirror was you”

It’s revealed that the big mirror are the eyes of God and the other mirrors that he saw before are lies, deceptions and don’t reflect the soul. He then believes that the man can save him and turns back to the big mirror to only see the man who had helped him.

If that’s not a cool story that a song tells then I don’t know what is. You’ll have to listen to it yourself though because it’s an amazing experience to lay with headphones in and just listen to the song without distractions. It sends chills through your body that no other song talking about sex and drugs can.

The song is obviously very influenced by Christianity considering it is a Christian band with the man who saves the narrator obviously a metaphor for Jesus. However that can honestly be a side piece and you can have a secular meaning to the story. The savior in the story can be simply not giving so much into wordly desires and realizing that humanity isn’t perfect.

If you see the YouTube comments for any of Theocracy’s songs they are several people saying things along the lines of “I’m not Christian/Religious but I still enjoy this song.


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