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Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs EP Review

At long last, Epica has released their EP “Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs” in the US. It consists of four songs and their their respective instrumentals.

The songs are all based on the intro/outro songs for the anime series Attack on Titan which is the only anime that I watch. When you first hear the intro songs in Attack on Titan you get the chills because of how epic and grandiose the songs are, despite being in Japanese and German.

Epica’s version gives you the same chills, but in an extended English form with altered lyrics that have the same theme of conquering outside evil. Although, one of the songs on the EP called “If Inside These Walls Was A House” is very underwhelming considering it sounds almost like an acoustic song compared the wide variety of vocals and instruments used on the other three songs that make them grandiose.

What bothers me most about that song is that it’s placed third in the list of the songs and is followed by “Dedicate Your Heart!” which are similar to the first two songs “Crimson Bow and Arrow” and “Wings of Freedom”. You get the underwhelming sense only to be brought back up to how you were feeling, and I feel as if it would have been better to place it at the end of the EP.

However the other three songs are simply awe inspiring. Jeroen Simons’ voice is a perfect fit to give you the same feeling many Attack on Titan fans got when they hear(d) the original songs. Everything about these songs makes you want to kill Titans, without legal and due process.

The sound deviates from what you might expect from older Epica, but it’s similar to the album The Holographic Principle, both thematically and sound wise with better lyrics.

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