Continuation of Theft in South Africa

Earlier I had written about South Africa, and how effectively anti-white people are siding against the boers/Afrikaners/white people in South Africa. And how sick it is.

But this just keeps getting worse. Now the government is trying to take the Afrikaner’s guns, and if you don’t think that that’s just a coincidence then I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a huge coincidence that all of a sudden there’s a push to take away gun from the people they’re trying to steal land from.

Maybe this time people will learn that when you take land away from the people who the market has determined used it best, you get starvation. You’ll get another Zimbabwe where you can buy Trillion dollar bills on Ebay for less than a hundred dollars.

But, I hear “They stole the land”. First off the History of South Africa is a history of various tribes raiding, conquering and stealing from one another. Second, a lot of the land that they ‘took’ was never in use. Third, the  colonists made farms out of land that the natives who are near the birthplace of humanity never did, so I think it’s easy to say they have a homesteaded right to the land.


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