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More on the Media’s Praise of John McCain

CNN posted a YouTube video titled “Former McCain rivals Obama, Bush surprised with eulogy invite”.

Really CNN? Former Rivals? What were they rivals over, McCain upset that Bush didn’t invade Russia over South Ossetia?

Was McCain upset that Obama didn’t overthrow Bashar Al-Assad (and is still in power for that fact!)?

I mean if being his rival it meant that they weren’t 110% on board with his version of American imperialism and were only 95% on board then sure they were rivals. But aside from that I don’t really.

When the whole establishment is showering you when you died you did something wrong. Of course we know McCain did plenty of wrong with his horrible foreign policy. That’s why the media supports him. He was only a ‘Maverick’ in that sometimes he went to the Democratic establishment side instead of being on the Republican establishment.

Yeah sorry for his family and all,  but this guy is responsible for so many deaths around the world all through the wars he has promoted. If he had gotten everything he wanted (troops on the ground in Serbia, escalation with Russia over South Ossetia, ousting of Assad, war with Iran etc.) who knows how many more hundreds of thousands would also be gone.

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