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The Day Before 9/11

Well 9/11 is tomorrow, so you know what that means. Everyone on their social media is going to be posting things about how we should never forget what happened. And they’re right. It’s a tragedy that a few thousand people died that day.

But what you will also see is the old neocons popping up again. The people who used 9/11 as a pretext to launch US soldiers into Iraq and Afghanistan despite their being no connection in Iraq, and Afghanistan still being on ongoing war. When we went into Afghanistan in October 2001 I wasn’t even a year old. And If I so chose I could be in a branch of the US military right now fighting in Afghanistan.

There is no reason we should be at war with a country for 17+ years. The whole 9/11 pretext into Afghanistan has turned into a way for companies like Raytheon to rake in government contracts and for mindless bureaucrats to have something to do. Osama bin Laden has been dead. We have no more need to be in Afghanistan, we are just trying to change their country into a democracy, but it will never work.

The tribalism that goes on in Afghanistan is too strong. Afghanistan is an artificial state that put ethnic groups that have been at odds with each other in an confined space and we are seeing the results of that. We are seeing them fight it out, use government as a way to advance their ethnic group and lobby the US government to protect them. Now we have the US government protecting poppy farmers (to sell as heroin).

This is the aftermath of the 9/11 propaganda. So don’t forget the fallen but remember too the people’s lives destroyed in these baseless wars.

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