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9/11 Conspiracy Theories

No we are not about to dive into a bunch of 9/11 conspiracy theories. But I will provide you some information about things that did happen with 9/11.

Why were a bunch of Israelis arrested dancing when the towers came down, with almost $5000 (in 2001 dollars!), when they worked for a moving company. Were they just able to save up that much money?

What about a van full of explosives in New Jersey on the day?

Or the CIA knowing about some of these hijackers, one of whom was taking flight training?

I think conspiracy theorists have it all wrong. The means doesn’t mattter, it’s who did it.

It doesn’t matter if someone burns your house down with gasoline or whale fat, your house is still burnt. You should be wondering who did it.

These conspiracy theories about “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” ignore whole evidence about Israeli, Saudi and US involvement in the attack. And the consequences of the attack such as the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan which made it more palatable to topple the regime of Libya and have interventions elsewhere.

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