The Weird Obsession With Democracy

I am no fan of democracy if that isn’t clear already. And it makes me feel weird and uncomfortable when people praise democracy, as if people voting automatically makes a country great.

Tell that to the Democratic state of Kuwait that has a stagnating economy caused by hyper regulation, they’d tell you they wish they were like Qatar. Tell the non democratic state of Qatar that economic growth is impossible without democracy. They’d laugh in your face.

Then there’s the sicko’s who use the term democracy to mask their imperialism all over the world. Yeah I’m sure Libya is now much more democratic with its open air slave markets. But don’t worry! At least Gaddafi is not in charge! Now we have Isis in charge of some parts of the country!

International affairs aside for now, domestically the issue of democracy is always a way to smear your opponent. The Republican party is attacked on the basis that it doesn’t want felons to be able to vote. Considering the follow passage from Daily Intelligence.

Long before Donald Trump’s foray into conservative politics, “mainstream Republicans” had already made restricting the franchise a top policy priority. On some fronts, the party has made this ambition explicit — Republican-controlled state governments have pushed to implement (or maintain) laws that disenfranchise former felons. In 2002, Mitch McConnell defended such measures by asserting, from the Senate floor, that “voting is a privilege.”

Hmmm, not wanting people who had possibly killed people or done other acts of violence to be able to vote is wrong? That’s weird. And is it not true that voting is a privilege? If it is not then should tourists be able to vote? Should children be able to vote? Where does the line stop? It used to be only not even 10% of the population was eligible to vote, and for example, women couldn’t vote nationally in Switzerland until the 1970’s. So yes. Voting is a privilege even just from a historic outlook.

I don’t see how, praxeologically, that allowing people to take resources away from productive people through voting and squander it themselves inherently makes a society better. I only see democracy as a way for the current system of governance we have to give it self legitmiacy. And how dare you question the lynch pins of our government, because you, citizen, ARE your government! Representatives that represent millions of people ARE you. Even if you disagree with him/her 100%!

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