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When Jeff Bezos owns the schools

Yesterday when I wrote my analogy of what if Walmart ran the courts I missed a complementing news story. Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth, CEO of Amazon, owner of the Washington post etc is going to build preschools as a philanthropy project.

Already Vice News has given it snide remarks. Whatever Jeff Bezos’ problems are politically or socially that you have with him, at least he is not an organization that launches inter generational wars in countries thousands of miles away. He may or may not support the government’s war, but I’d rather him own a school than the government.

And it’s funny that now you get criticisms of schools when a billionaire wants to do something, but when a genocidal organization wants to it’s nothing. It’s just like in my Walmart analogy. People let the state get away with things that normal people aren’t allowed to get away with.

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