Is labeling bad

Many libertarians constantly correct people for calling someone a leftist, a progressive, or an economic interventionist because it’s against individualism. This is annoying and confuses dialoguge.

We know that a leftist, progressive like Paul Krugman might not favor government interference in say international trade which he won his Nobel Prize in, but the rest of the time he wants more government intervention. When we say Krugman is a liberal we know 90%+ of his views from that and don’t have to go down a huge laundry list.

Similarly, when we say a dog breed is a ‘big’ or ‘small’ we know that there’s exceptions like mutations, runts or whatever else. But we have a general understanding of whats going on and we use labels to help communicate. Also, labels make it easy to describe someone because you could say “They are a leftist on all issues, except on X,Y and Z” as apposed to describing all their positions.

But there’s another self contradictory argument used by these ‘anti-labellers’ and that is that by saying that ‘individualist like us don’t use labels’ they are using a label to describe themselves. And why do they use that label? Because it makes it easy to understand their positions on things.

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