Jim Acosta, Trump Fake Video

I just read from the New York Times that a video that Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted on her Twitter about Jim Acosta is misleading. See the Tweet below.

Now read what the New York Times had to say

The Trump administration relied on a misleadingly edited video from a contributor to the conspiracy site Info Wars to help justify removing the credentials of CNN’s chief White House correspondent, a striking escalation in President Trump’s broadsides against the press.

And below you can see the whole event posted by TIME. I started it a few seconds before Acosta touches the woman.

While the New York times is saying it’s misleading because it was edited by Alex Jones’s media company, others have harsher words to say about the video Sanders posted on her Twitter.

The headline by the AP is that it was ‘doctored’ and Forbes said it was ‘altered’. They say that it was sped up and what not and that this is fake news.

The fact that they’re reporting on this is the biggest piece of fake news. First off maybe it was slightly sped up, but does that take away from the fact Acosta was acting inappropriately? Not at all. Does it change the fact that he touched her when he was clearly out of line and grandstanding? No. Obviously the video is edited just by looking at it considering they show the moment of contact several times.
And Forbes even admitted in the article that the speed issue was due to saving the clip from different sites and the compression messing up the speed of the video. So of course they have to go after Alex Jones. They basically still try and smear Info Wars and Alex Jones by saying the video was from them. And sure, but the video still shows what it shows. I am really confused about why who made the video matters because it still shows what it shows.

Imagine someone getting video of a crime on their camera and the court dismisses it because they don’t like the political views of the person who has evidence. This is basically what is happening. This is because the left doesn’t care about truth, they care about power and will do anything and everything to get it.

I watched the press conference live from my TV and was happy that Trump decided to make Acosta make a fool of himself again. That’s some of the best entertainment there is, but Trump got him to go over the edge and get to handsy with the mic and got him to screw himself over. Trump just gave him the rope the hang himself.



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