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While reading an article in The Times of Israel I came across this ending remark.

Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that he can see a path to peace with Palestinians through the “normalization” of relations with Arab states, which, like Israel, oppose Iran.

The article it self isn’t particularly important but that’s interesting that Netanyahu is willing to take the mantra of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Israel has also excused Saudi involvement in the killing of the Journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the basis that Saudi Arabia needs to remain stable.

The amount of hate on Iran that Israel has is absolutely crazy. Iran hasn’t even started a war of aggression since 1739. Iran has complied with the restrictions put on it with regards to nuclear program. And with regards to civil rights, Iran does force women to cover their heads, but Israel doesn’t have many problems with Saudi Arabia who just recently allowed women to drive.

Israel has a problem with Iran because Iran is a threat to Israeli hegemony in the middle east. In the past few years Israel has tried to expand everywhere except directly south (which they tried in the 60’s). But who has been a threat to Israeli attempts to expand the ever expanding borders of “America’s Greatest Ally?” Iran.

Image result for map of eastern mediterranean countries
To the north, Israel has time, and time again tried to fight Lebanon and capture the southern portion of Lebanon, but largely failed. But who were the fighters largely responsible for repelling the Israeli soldiers? The militia, now paramilitary group who is funded and trained in part by Iran. So they have stumped Israel going north.
And to the North East in Syria the same thing. Iran has sold weapons, and been a close ally to the Syrian government. In addition Hezbollah has also been providing support to the Syrian government. And in relation to the Syrian Civil War, Israel wants Assad to go. But Hezbollah and Iran are in part preventing that.
And the same thing with Hamas in Gaza. Hamas gives Israel hell and Iran is one of the donators to Hamas. Which makes Israel have to deal with an ever more militant population in an area where they restricted calorie importation through blockades.
So that’s why Israel hates Iran and willing to tolerate corrupt and oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia. They are a threat to their hegemony in the Middle East and in many ways Israel is losing it’s hegemony. Syria is winning their civil war and will soon be able to oppose Israeli attacks and encroachments more and more, and Hezbollah has stopped Israel from trying to attack Lebanon any more ever since it became a modernized fighting unit.

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