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Veteran’s Day

It’s been 100 years since the armistice was signed the officially ended World War I on The eleventh month on the eleventh day on the eleventh hour in 1918. But where are we now? What did the end of World War I yield?

With the end of War World I we were no better than we started. Europe was devastated, Russia was engaged in a bloody civil war against pitting the Bolsheviks against the White Army and no problems were resolved by the treaty of Versailles.

Despite Woodrow Wilson talking about the right to ‘self determination’ millions of ethnic Germans were locked out of Germany. Either in Poland, Czechoslovakia or France. No self determination was given to the Germans who were ruled by various other ethnic groups.

Also with World War I we saw the effective abolition of monarchies in Europe save a few titular titles. The seeds of German hatred were also planted. The Treaty of Versailles made Germany admit full blame to a war that saw it’s first conflict in the fighting between Serbia and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Germany was also responsible for billions and billions of dollars worth of reparations to the allies which were not fully payed off until 2010.

Imagine, you fight a war on behalf of your ally yet you have to pay reparations almost 100 years later for it. The idea that Germany was even responsible for the war solely has been smashed ever since Harry Elmer Barnes showed the diplomatic talks between various countries in the prelude to the fighting. There were various talks between France and Russia talking about how they want to start a European War so that Russia can gain access to Constantinople/Istanbul and France can regain territory last in the Franco-Prussian War.

And that’s just between Russia and France. Blame also is to be put on just about all other European countries. Of course Germany played a role but the idea that it was solely its responsibility is ridiculous.

But the most egregious actions were those by the United States in getting mad at Germany for attacking US ships sending weapons to Britain despite Germany warning the United States. The US actions were so ridiculous that Secretary of State William Jennings Bryant resigned because of how ridiculous the US was acting in antagonizing Germany.

I call this the worst because it involved the US in the war which turned a stalemate/slight Central Powers lead into an obvious Allied favor. Finally the allies were able to make ground against Germany and the Central Powers instead of having to be stale mated in a bloody trench warfare. Had not the United States intervened it’s very easily to see a white truce or something similar to that happening which would’ve prevented the build up to World War II saving another 60+ million people.

But instead we got the terrible Treaty of Versailles and the eventual lead up to World War II which leads to communism taking over about half the world. So remember how the West lost on this day. Remember what they stole from you.

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