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Latin Americans not big proponents of Democracy

Recent data has showed that Latin Americans are not trusting of democracy. According to The Economist:

DEMOCRACY IN LATIN AMERICA is in trouble. That is the message of this year’s survey of opinion in 18 countries by Latinobarómetro, a pollster based in Santiago, Chile. The proportion of people who are dissatisfied with how democracy works has jumped from 51% in 2009 to 71%. The share that is content has dropped from 44% to 24%, its lowest level since the survey began more than two decades ago (see chart 1 and chart 2).


Imagine my shock, an area that has flirted with Authoritarianism and anti-Democratic institutions like Monarchy (Brazil) are not big proponents of Democracy. But can we blame them though? What has Democracy gotten them? Venezuela is mess, Argentina has crazy amounts of inflation and Brazil had their president tried on corruption charges. Is this the ‘Democracy’ that the proponents of Democracy preached to us?

How can one look at Europe and America and point to them being successful because of their democratic institutions, while ignoring the failure of Latin American democracy? Answer: they want a reason to maintain their power and the necessity of democracy. Democracy per se doesn’t make a country rich or better off. I don’t really think economic forces in a country care whether a portion of the population casts their ballots every couple of years. Neither does it care if a King sits on a throne and tells people what to do.

Your economic policies of your country are one of main driving factors of how your economy will operate and it doesn’t matter if you institute National Bolshevism through a unicameral, bicameral, executive order, or royal decree. They all give you the same result (everything else being equal).

The means doesn’t matter, it the ends that do. Whether or not 51% of people vote on a it has no bearing on the effects it will have on the country. Votes aren’t magic enhancers to economic policy.

Whether or not the Latin American people are using this justification or looking at the past series of military dictatorships of their country as their glories days is unknown.

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