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Stop Complaining about Inequality

I like to take the Andrew Jackson view on inequality. Inequality is expected among people who do different things and is completely fine, and we should only worry about inequality so far as people use the government and special privileges to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. And that I completely agree with. Hence why I think Ratheon and other military industrial complex companies that enrich themselves through war and government enterprises shouldn’t have their wealth, but other legitimate ventures are fine.

In paleolithic times we were all equal. Everyone had to work as hard as they could to barely have food for the day, went to sleep and did it all over again. Little time was wasted on saving up or building up capital because that could mean the difference between life and death. That hand to mouth living is the natural state of human beings. Barely existing to the next day.

And this is one of the ways I can justify inequality. You should just be lucky that you aren’t having to spend every second of your life scraping up enough food to live and instead can enjoy the modern luxuries that you have. You should be lucky that everyone isn’t at such a bare state of existence.

Any deviation away from hand to mouth living is good. The more wealth we collect and the easier it is to keep ourselves alive the better it is for everyone. All of our ancestors were at one point equal with each other living the bare existence. Sooner or later they found ways to increase their wealth by farming and using animals as labor etc. Modernity slowly developed and humans slowly got more powerful through machines and technology.

But it did not all happen at the same time. The people living on North Sentinel Island still live hand to mouth. But almost everywhere else we don’t. Generation by generation we became wealthier and our lives got easier. Kings in the 1500’s didn’t have A/C or running water. But now a homeless in many places can hang out in a library for free and drink free crisp water and enjoy A/C.

Wealthy conditions aren’t born overnight, it’s a multi generational, even civilization effort to raise standards of living. But not each civilization or even each person is going to be the best at this game. Not everyone is going to accumulate wealth through their own decisions and those decisions might have an affect on their offspring. Europeans started accumulating wealth before Africans and hence now we have two different societies where two distinct people’s live that have two separate standards of livings.

Partially this is by happenstance, but this does not entitle the African to demand that the Europeans have to give their wealth to them in order to equalize their standards of living. After all, the European now alive had no affect on their ancestors’ choices with regard to wealth accumulation. Neither did the African.

Both sets of people should be glad that they simply are not living in a situation where they have to live hand to mouth.

The ultimate point of this post is to say that the natural way humans have lived is at a bare minimum level, and those who are less wealthier than others should be glad that they aren’t living at the primitive levels we did thousands of years ago, and consider that level from thousands of years ago as the baseline, not at a monthly pay of however much money.

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