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Who are the True Revolutionaries?

Revolution is defined as “radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.” But what is the establishment? What are the established procedures and principles.

Nearly all cultural institutions are left leaning or explicitly left wing. Let’s take Hollywood. Try and find a conservative in Hollywood outside of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn. These multi-millionaires and some billionaires are all on the left. That’s why the Academy Awards is used as a platform to push ideas of ‘diversity’, and anti Trump lines. All celebrities have views that are left wing views and that’s why it’s such a reported story when someone like goes against the left wing narrative.

The same is with the rest of entertainment like the music industry. Very few mainstream bands have right leaning views, the vast majority all have left wing views and will make songs against Trump, and promoting other left wing agendas. And if not explicitly in their songs then they use their status to push Democrats into power like Taylor Swift urging her fan base to vote Democrat in the 2018 midterm election. Thus it’s so reported on when someone like Kanye West agrees with Trump on a few things.

Now let’s take a look at the news industry. Outside of Fox News and Breitbart the media and news industry is dominated by left wingers. NBC, MSNBC, CNN all have radical left wing agendas it seems as their reporting seems to do nothing but bash Trump and praise left wingers. There is little nuance in their reporting. Same with the New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post and all the other outlets. They all produce, for the vast majority, pieces with a liberal slant to say lightly.

And the political establishment is remarkably left wing too. The whole bureaucratic class is left wing for the most part seeing as they live off of government welfare. The K Street lobbying class lean democrat as well as they push for more regulation in a specific area and more subsidies to unfairly favor one part of the economy over the other. Granted the some ‘right wing lobbies’ do exist, but they have little power as we can see in the little that comes out of them legislative wise as it seems that legislatively all the special interests are benefited.

Then we can look at the educational side from kindergarten all the way to higher education. Public School teachers were one of the most pro Hillary Clinton groups in the 2016 election, and college professors are 12:1 liberal. And these are the people that teach the youth and instill them with many of their political views especially in high school and college.

And lastly I’ll mention big tech corporations which I have shown time and time again censor right wing views and push a left wing agenda.

However, we are told that somehow being right wing is defending the status quo and these brave liberals with their gay pride flags and other markers of signal are fighting the status quo. You’re not fighting the status quo you’re carrying water for the establishment and big business. You’re doing exactly what Google, Twitter, and the rest of Silicon valley want you to do. You’re doing what the millionaire celebrity want you to do. You’re doing what you’ve been taught all through school to do.

You are not speaking truth to power. You are not revolutionary you’re protecting the status quo and saying and LARPing that you are fighting some greater power that’s above you. In a way no.

There’s a reason that on social media right wing speech is targeted to be shut down and that’s because it is popular. Maybe not popular as in a super majority opinion, but many people simple don’t speak because they are afraid some social justice warrior is going to screen cap a Tweet and send it to their employer and get them fired for saying a sensible thing. They are scared their political views will get them banned from polite society. They fear losing their job and not being able to support their family because their views are not those of the establishment.

So, when someone says more provocative right wing opinions a smear campaign is launched to shut it down. One person themselves is not powerful, but it’s the hope it gives to other people. It’s the fact that millions of people who have been silenced and fear to speak have someone who is speaking for them and they too might have the courage to speak up. Truly revolutionary ideas that fight the status quo are suppressed. Ideas that support huge corporations and billionaires are supported and allowed to stay.

So just remember that, if you’re not smeared by the establishment for your views that’s because you are the establishment.


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