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Israeli-Saudi Hegemony Weakening

I’ve earlier made the argument that Israel is geopolitical in a worse and worse position that they created, and now I believe we are seeing more of that.

First in the US Senate we have senator Rand Paul trying to block aide foreign aide to Israel. While this might not ultimately have no affects, it is valiant of Paul to try and block American tax dollars and federal reserve printed money going to Israel.

And again in the Senate we see the Senate voting (63-37 )for a floor debate of a bill challenging the legality of the war in Yemen, where the US supports the side Israel supports. Where exactly this will take us I don’t know, but much of this outrage is over the Khashoggi killing.

But if the US gets out of that war in Yemen then the Houthi rebels are essentially guaranteed a victory, considering they are even making gains now despite fighting against the US. And when the Houthi Rebels take power in Yemen there will be another Shia government against Saudi Arabia and Israel.

And we can add on top of that Saudi Arabia trying to turn it’s neighbor, Qatar, into an island by building a huge canal. Qatar also had diplomatic relations cut with Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain, all Saudi or US allies. With the Syria civil war ending, the Yemeni civil war possibly ending, Qatar having to look for help among the Iranian bloc of middle eastern countries, and legitimate attempts to cut off the funding of Saudi Arabia and Qatar Israel and Saudi Arabia are not looking good.


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