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Steve King didn’t have a Faux Pas

While Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, was being questioned by congress earlier today the controversial Steve King (R-Iowa) asked the CEO why his daughter saw negative political ads of him while she was playing a game on her iPhone. And Pichai whether trying to be snarky or not correctly said that Google does not make iPhones, and a group of Democrats laughed at him according to reports.

But that’s obviously not what he meant and everyone knows it. So while the media tries to make one of the few decent Republicans look bad because of his border stances, they totally miss what he was talking about.

Yes, Apple makes iPhones, not Google. But Apple isn’t the one who runs the ads on mobile apps. There was a good chance that the mobile app developer was using AdSense. A Google product that selectively advertises to people based on location and information they obtain from you. Why wouldn’t the Google CEO say something about AdSense and instead try and make Steve King look stupid?

Boomer Steve King doesn’t know that much about technology we can assume, but everyone who knows anything about Google should know that Google makes huge amounts of money off of AdSense. And it’s not a stupid question to ask why they use political ads, which they admit they do.


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