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The Media is Factual, not Truthful

The more and more I read news articles, the more and more I agree that the News rarely outright lies, it just only reveals the facts it wants you to know.

“This man attacked me” they might say ignoring that they were the one to start the incident. Sure, the statement is true, but by no means the truth. There’s a reason why you swear an oath to tell “the whole truth and nothing but” in court. It’s not an oath merely not to lie, it’s an oath to say the whole truth to the best of your ability.

The more I read pieces from Vox, Vice, Huffington Post, and all the other elitist papers the more I am convinced that these people only use their journalistic positions to spew their toxic ideology and destroy people’s lives. The new obsession is to report on any single thing that could be seen asĀ  ‘white supremacist’ or ‘neo-nazi’ and acting as the total moral arbiter of all things in society. Well

I hope that they keep calling people out on this and one day half the population will say “Okay fine I’m a Nazi, now actually make an actual argument.” Then they wont be able to call people names any more. They’ll have to actually make an argument which they don’t have which is the reason they have to have an absolute majority control over all channels of information (Media, News, Hollywood, Music etc.) No need to make arguments if you just stack all the sources of information with people who agree with your view.

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