Controversy over my take on Welcome to Marwen

A while back I wrote a piece on the upcoming movie Welcome to Marwen. And since then the comments there have blown up like no where else on this site. So I thought it’s time to clear my views up.

Did I make a few factual mistakes on the post? Yes. Do they really matter for any of my arguments if I got some relationships wrong? No.

Am I defending neo-Nazis? No. Am I protesting against the portrayal of the attackers as a gang of neo-Nazis while ignoring the fact that one of the attackers was black inorder for political reasons? Yes.

A lot of people asked why do I care, all neo-Nazis are evil. That’s not really the point. The point I am trying to make is that by using neo-Nazis they movie is to do a few things which I find wrong.

First, they are able to push this idea that racism is more rampant than it seems and that any group of white people could be a Nazi. In our current environment where everyone and anyone on the right wing of politics is called a Nazi, it pushes the idea that they might want to jump someone because they like to dress up a certain way. And all these directors and producers know it too. Things like this aren’t done on accident.

And second off, I am against the use of showing the attackers as some skinheads because it gives the movie much more leverage to show World War II as some black and white, good vs evil conflict with the Germans obviously being on the side of evil, even though the allies teamed up with Stalin, who is way worse than Hitler by all measures, and the war gave almost all of Eastern Europe to the Soviets or communist satellite states.

It’s also made infinitely worse by the fact that the man who was attacked didn’t even think that the Germans were pure evil in World War II. He understood that many soldiers were forced to fight or weren’t fighting for some racist idea.

So the movie takes a true and tragic event and turns it into a political weapon to push their left wing agenda that anyone the media calls a Nazi wants to beat up people, it distorts one mans idea about the War into something he didn’t think, and lastly it distorts history.



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  • Kevin T

    Efrain, you’re wasting your time trying to explain your previous post.

    The modern left (i.e. neo-Marxist useful idiots) has zero interest in facts. By pointing out Mark Hogancamp was attacked by a gang of criminals, including an African-America minor who was the attacker who repeatedly kicked Hogancamp in the head, you have shown yourself to be sympathetic to white nationalists/Nazis/Racists/Trump voters/women haters/whatevers in their eyes.

    If you want to see where the lunatic leftist train is headed, just look to Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Good times will be had by all.

    Happy New Year!

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