The Globalists vs You

You know that both parties are hand in hand when the Center for American Progress and the American Enterprise Institute which as supposed to be two polar opposites come together to write pieces against populism. They write that they aim to promote:


  • As a system of government, liberal democracy has no appealing alternatives. People deserve to live under governments that are responsive and accountable to them and that are subject to binding constitutional and legal constraints.

  • As a general rule, openness—both to trade and migrationmakes societies more prosperous and resilient. Policymakers need to make sure that the benefits of openness are shared fairly, but going back to a world of autarchic, closed societies is not an option.

  • International cooperation is valuable. While international organizations and alliances may require updating, an international system based on rules and cooperation between liberal democracies is vastly preferable to the zero-sum world of warfare and protectionism that was the norm throughout human history.

  • Authoritarian regimes are not benign. In fact, they are actively undermining liberal democracies. Liberal democracies should not seek confrontation, but—especially after the experience provided by years of Russia’s disinformation efforts in Europe and in the United States—they need to appreciate that, within the international realm, authoritarian regimes pursue different objectives than societies with governments that are accountable to the people and respect the rule of law.

  • Ideas matter. The critical debates about the future of our societies are never settled once and for all. They take place in every generation. Fearless, fair, and honest debate is a crucial mechanism to advance human dignity and freedom and to achieve human potential. It is time that our generation mounts a solid intellectual defense of the cornerstones of democratic social order.

And while some of these are good, we know that both parties or both mindsets agree that open borders is good, that liberal democracy is good and that it’s not even possible to deal with authoritarian regimes or have good relations with them.

Aren’t we supposed to, according to the mainstream, have good relations with Saudi Arabia, a non democracy? This is just an obvious anti Russia statement aimed at increasing hostilities with Russia and it’s allies (Iran and Syria especially).

The two party, war party at work.

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