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Another blow to Israel and Saudi Arabia

Twice(here and here), I’ve made the case that Israel and Saudi Arabia aren’t winning the geopolitical battle in the middle east. And now we have more evidence from that with Trump’s recent withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Not surprisingly, Trump has used this as a way to say how American has been so effective at fighting ISIS during his almost 2 years as president that the troops just aren’t needed anymore.

Never mind the fact that Assad, Hezbollah, Russia, various Shia militias from Iraq and Iran and the Kurds have been fighting ISIS this whole time as well. But finally we are out of one country in the middle east. The only real way I would say that the US has helped in the war is by stopping funding of the rebels back in 2017.

This is a map of what the Syrian Civil War situation looked like back in January of 2015.

Mapa militar que muestra el estado del frente de guerra en Siria a fecha de enero de 2015. Fuente: Manaz.

Now this is what it looks like as of today, December 20, 2018

ISIS (gray) is now reduced to a desert pocket and a small pocket surrounded by the Kurds and Assad Government. Like wise, the rebels which used to control many major cities and parts of the capitol city, now only control a pocket of desert and Idlib.
And now, the current peace talks in Sweden about Yemen might reach a point where the Houthi rebels can actually be internationally recognized, and exist as another anti Saudi Arabia, pro Iranian ally. While I don’t particularly care for people violently overthrowing their government, nor do I care about a bunch of people killing each other for things I don’t care about, I do care about counter acting the Israeli-Saudi hegemony in the middle east.
Those two countries, and not Iran, are the ones who are messing with American politics through bribing politicans (AIPAC, Saudi Donations to various political organizations) and making the country I live in a less desirable place. So yeah, I hope Saudi Arabia has an Iranian Ally on its border that’s ready to launch a war against them again if they so choose.

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