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Baraboo High school Nazi Salute Photo Hoax

If you didn’t read the original then you can check it out here. Basically a bunch of 11th grade students were shown in a photo in what looks like giving a Roman salute (the “Nazi” salute).

At the time almost everyone was saying that they were throwing up Nazi salutes. The Atlantic ran a headline saying

Why Wisconsin High Schoolers Aren’t Being Punished for Mimicking a Nazi Salute

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The District Administrator said

Regardless of the details of the photo or the intentions in the hearts of those involved, the truth is this is an image that has rightly been described as hateful, frightening and disappointing

We are so very sorry that the actions of some of our students so understandably and deeply hurt people around the world. We have heard from families whose loved ones were lost in death camps, who fought in the war against such evil and who rightly cannot imagine that an image like this exists in our modern day

But now new evidence has come out that these students weren’t trying to mimic a Nazi salute. According to one of the students in the photograph. The photographer said that he told the students to act like they’re waving good bye and did a demonstration and it looked like the salute. This is corroborated by two of the students who confirm they were told to act like they were waving. And I have found another student in the picture who claims the same thing.

So we have four sources all saying that it was not a Nazi salute and was just a bad mishap. But that does still not stop the school from taking the picture at face value as real and giving them a crusade to act like they have to stop racism. Some of the things they are going to do according to The Cap Times is:

  • Continuing mental health support for students and staff traumatized by the global media attention.

  • Inviting speaker on the Holocaust annually to the middle school as part of the curriculum.

  • Posting Holocaust and World War II resources on the district’s website.

  • Reviewing the district’s social media practices.

  • Stepping up instruction on social justice issues.

  • A districtwide equity audit and action plan performed by a consultant.

And according to Wisconsin State Journal, students will also be sent on trips to a Holocaust museum. But Snopes still has on their website (which I have shown before as being wrong) that “Several male students at Baraboo High School were photographed performing the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute.” is a true statement. The only proof that Snopes has on its site is various questionable sources that say there is racism at Baraboo High School.

Despite Snopes including in it’s own article evidence that the students were told just to wave, they cite officials who say that it was a Nazi salute. Meaning that they chose to go with statement of school officials rather than eye witness accounts. Those kids didn’t throw up Nazi salutes because school officials said they did anymore than Saddam Hussein’s army threw babies on the ground in a hospital because the Nayriah testimony says he did. Which was proven to be a false statement and a propaganda ploy, because people are able to lie.



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