The Weekly Standard is Gone!!!

This music accurately describes my reaction to the Weekly Standard no longer continuing publishing.

But this is a pretty general trend that conservatism seems to be taking. We no longer have the warmongering, Neocon Weekly Standard, instead we have a variety of independent right wing (although they might no call themselves that) sources of news. The internet has made it possible for almost anyone to be a journalist, looking up the facts instead of the field being monopolized by a few key people.

But this is not uprising if we see the Weekly Standard as a sort of symbolism for the anti-Trump, pro war, neoconservative right. In the 2018 mid term that just occurred, we had a huge number of republicans not running for re-election in the congress, the highest since 1930.

Many of them like Jeff Flake and Paul Ryan were anti-Trump neocon republicans who represent a bygone conservatism of the Bush era. We can also see this in Bill O’Reily of Fox News being replaced by Tucker Carlson. While both Republicans, O’Reily represented a more Bush era neocon, while Carlson is a more Trumpian populist.

Now conservatism is ever so slightly more populist and less – to be frank – dull, boring, weak willed cucks who will bend over backwards to the left. But the rot still exist, don’t get me wrong. One only needs to look at how many Republicans said sweet words about George H.W. Bush on his passing. I’ll grant that we had a much different style than Trump and was a Southern Gentleman that contrasts highly against bold and brash New Yorker Trump, but I don’t care.

He was a horrible president who saw the end of the cold war and instead of pushing America to a policy of non intervention and world peace, pushed us to continuing the programs of the Cold War into the Middle East.

But I digress, let’s just enjoy the fact that one of the largest cheerleaders of the disastrous Iraq War is gone.

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