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Welcome to Marwen Box Office Flop

Despite having Steve Carell playing the lead actor, and being directed by Robert Zemeckis, the movie still somehow managed to lose an estimated $50 million.

Steve Carell starred in the hit NBC show The Office which it seems everyone has a positive opinion about. And Zemeckis is an Oscar winner who was either the director and or writer of movies like all three of the Back to the Future movies, Forest Gump, Allied, A Christmas Carol, Beowulf, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Along with others.

He also had the support of some very large backers for this movie project yet it still flopped. Granted, a never saw an adds for the movie ever or anything, but still a movie with names like Zemeckis and Carell should never go unnoticed. Obviously something went very wrong especially since the story the movie was based off of made an award winning documentary in 2010 called Welcome to Marwencol.

Maybe it’s the small soldiers vibe you get from the movie and notice all the animated dolls and soldiers that threw people off. Maybe it’s the fact that instead of the movie being marketed as a drama, it’s instead shown as a more action packed movie where female dolls are going to save a grown man from evil Nazi’s that made people cringe. However, I can’t say for sure.

Despite my personal misgivings about this movie, it had all the ingredients to make it at least break even if not make a healthy profit. But yet it flopped horribly.


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  • Yoshi

    I recently watched this movie and I have to say, your analysis back in July was spot on. The political narratives were laid on so thick that it encouraged me to go online to see if anyone else had the same “gag reflex” to this movie that I had.

    This movie felt like the same propaganda being pushed by the media and educational institutions. Every single villain in the movie was a white male “Nazi”. Of course, every female was virtuous and kind with the exception of one villain (but even she was “magical” and didn’t meet the same fate as the other villains). I’m OK with adding over-the-top special effects, but changing important facts of a story to fit an agenda is sickening.

    Rather than portraying the life of Mark Hogancamp, I’m actually starting to think that Steve Carell’s character is supposed to be representative of modern Democrats and the “far-left”. Permanent victims and sexual deviants living in a fantasy world in which Nazis are around every corner.

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