Net Neutrality Proponents Were Wrong

Now that several months have gone by since the whole crazy about defending net neutrality has gone, along with many of the net neutrality laws, the internet is just fine.

No one is paying extra to their ISP to access Youtube. The internet just just as well as it did under net neutraily and in fact there is a lot of evidence that it has actually increased. I remeber that people all over social media were going insane. To the point that companies like Netflix and many others were posting about how we all need to defend net neutrality. Well it’s gone and so is their moral pandering because the internet has only gotten faster since.

It was just an excuse for people to try and blame Trump for another thing and to virtue signal to all of their friends that they are defending net neutrality on the internet. But they only want net neutrality for people they like. Ask some of these people what they think about Andrew Anglin’s or Alex Jones’ right to not be discriminated against on the internet, and it’llĀ  be like they didn’t just spend several Tweets trying to defend net neutrality from be repealed.

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