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Purity Spiraling of Intersectional Feminism

The Women’s March movement, which organizes people across the country to protest for feminist causes, has just cancelled an upcoming rally on the basis that it’d be too white. And this is juxtaposed by earlier accusations that the group is also anti-semetic for some of it’s leaders talking about Jewish privileged and ties to Louis Farrakhan. This is what happens when you lap so many social justice causes all in one thing, you realize that they aren’t consistent and conflict insues.

The Women’s March intersectionality means that it advocates for both women causes and racial justice causes (which is really just anti-white causes). This overlap is literally halting them from conducting marches because it might be too white. But I’d bet that no one would say anything if only black people showed up to protest something, like how Black Panther is called the most diverse movie despite almost everyone being black (that’s not diverse!). The only thing they got called out on was no one being gay.

If the Women’s March isn’t proof that there’s a large section of the left that is anti-white, then I don’t know what is. Leftists are literally purity spiraling over their fellow comrades who are willing to march in the streets with them to promote common cause over the immutable characteristic of their skin. And this isn’t a new thing either with the Women’s March. I was able to find this opinion piece from January of last year (2017) of a black woman saying why she is skipping the Woman’s March:

I’ve never felt any thing remotely resembling sisterhood with White women. Friendship, affinity, fondness, love—sure. Sisterhood? Nah. That sense of loyalty, interconnectedness, accountability and shared struggle simply isn’t there.

And I don’t blame her. As Thomas Putnam showed through his bowling alone studies, people connect better with people of their own race and in homogeneous areas. But I would bet a lot on this woman being appalled if a white woman said that she didn’t feel sisterhood with black women saying how racist, and whatever else it is.

But among whatever anti-semetism there is within the Women’s March, Jews too engaged in the anti white women talk. Back in January with one of the Women’s Marches the Jewish CEO of Planned Parenthood, Cecil Richards, said that white women need to “do better”.

Personally I hope the infighting keeps on going and that eventually this group just implodes on its self.


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