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Is Bolsonaro About to Destroy Brazilian Democracy?

It’s always fun to read articles by HuffPo that have headlines like

First off, it’s funny that these people seem to forget that Jair Bolsonaro, the now President of Brazil, was democratically elected with a majority (55%) of the voters voting for him. That’s quite a big margin especially in a country of over 200 million people. So let’s not forget that he is the democratically elected president and, under terms of democratic theorists, is legitimate because of that.
Next, it’s very revealing that Bolsonaro is made to look like he’s backed by all the financial elites when he has spent the least amount of money on his campaign both in total and per capita per voter terms. Bolsonaro spent slightly over a million Brazilian reals while other candidates are spending sometimes 40 times more than he is. And let’s not also forget that the previous leftist ruling party, Workers Party (PT), gave it’s donors a 14 to 39 time return on their investment of the political donations given to them with government contracts. Not a 14 to 39 percent increase, but 14 to 39 times increase.
Depending on the specification, a PT electoral victory means that each public-works donor can expect between 138,601 and 346,267reais(US $73,921 to184,676) in additional government contracts over 33 months during the ensuing legislative term. This figure amounts to between 14 and 39 times the estimated average public-works donations to that candidate.
In addition, in the 2014 Brazilian elections almost 75 percent of campaign contributions came from corporate sources.
So you can say that Bolsonaro is going to destroy Brazilian democracy, but you’d be ignoring the fact that he was democratically elected and was largely a grass roots movement by the youth of Brazil to fight against the corruption of the Workers Party that was haunting them after the money laundering scandal. Is it any surprise that a right wing figure is able to emerge with little to no corporate funding and largely grass roots support after almost two decades of leftist rule and corruption?

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