Is Italy the Next EU Defector?

Italy right now is perhaps, in Western Europe, the biggest thorn in the side of the EU. The new right wing populist government has bowed out of the UN Migration pack which would allow more immigrants into Italy, they have approved a budget that the EU disapproved of, and they are clamping down on migration into their country.

Maybe this will be enough for Italy to leave the EU and not be ruled by a group of un-elected officials in Brussels and take sovereignty over their own country? If I had to place a bet on the next country to leave then it would be Italy, but another contender is the France.

With the Yellow Vest uprisings that we are seeing get bigger each weekend, and French president Emmanuel Macron only at a 23 percent approval rating, it wouldn’t be surprising if that in the next French elections that someone of the populist flavor like Marine Le Penn is able to use both the left and the right elements of the yellow vest protests and become President. Considering that Le Penn was able to secure 1/3 of the vote in the second round of the Presidential Election between her and Macron is very telling.



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